Keynote Speakers


Professor Yusuf Altintas obtained his bachelor's degree from Istanbul Technical University (1975), M.Sc. (1980) and Ph.D. (1987) in Canada. He joined the University of British Columbia and founded Manufacturing Automation Laboratory in 1986. Professor Altintas spent four years in industry as a machine tool and manufacturing engineer. He conducts research on metal cutting mechanics, machine tool vibrations, feed drive control and virtual machining. He has published 130 archival journal articles with over 5,500 citations, and a widely used text book.

Professor Yusuf Altintas is recognized worldwide in the field of machining and machine tools. He has contributed significantly to machine tool engineering, particularly in chatter stability and machine tool control. He is the founder and president of Manufacturing Automation Laboratories, which distributes practical application of his state-of-the-art research to more than 150 companies and universities worldwide. Professor Altintas’s passion for machining technology, and his dedication to the manufacturing industry, has inspired hundreds of researchers, engineers and students around the world to dedicate their careers to machining technology.

Professor Altintas is a Fellow of ASME, CIRP, SME, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering, Tokyo University and Royal Society of Canada. He received Pratt & Whitney Canada's (P&WC) university partnership, APEG BC's Meritorious Achievement, R.H. Machlaclan, UBC Killiam Teaching Prize of Engineering awards, and 2011 Gold Medal of Engineers Canada. He holds an Honorary Doctorate degree from Stuttgart University. He currently directs NSERC CANRIMT Machining Research Network across Canada. He holds the NSERC - P&WC Industrial Research Chair Professorship to develop the next generation Virtual High Performance Machining Technology.


Prof. Dong-Woo Cho received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1986. Ever since, he has been a professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Pohang University of Science and Technology. He is director of Center for Rapid Prototyping based 3D Tissue/Organ printing. His research interests include the 3D microfabrication based on SFF (Solid Freeform Fabrication) technology, and its application to tissue engineering and more generally, bio-related manufacturing. He received several precious awards in the academic area concerned. He has served and serves on the editorial board of several Int. Journals. Prof. Cho has published over 170 academic papers in various international journals in the field of manufacturing and tissue engineering. He contributed chapters in eight tissue engineering related books as well.